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3 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Artist for Your Unforgettable Corporate Event

You’ve been tasked with organizing a fun event for your employees or customers and it has to be better than last year. Maybe you need to add an interactive, memorable or team building element and you’re not sure where to start. Since you need to be creative, seeking an artist is your most direct route to success.

Xan Lazaridis of FaceART painting faces body paintingJust watching artists at work is engaging and relaxing. One of the top four reasons people watch Youtube Videos is to learn by seeing people make things. “‘I have mastered particular skills as an artist while working alone in my studio and create products for sale. Yet, wowing customers also drives my business. The wow factor is relatable in many different ways. It could be through a fun, interactive five minute workshop or by watching the creative process in action. Whether interacting or hands on, experiences appeal to the senses and make taking the product home more meaningful and memorable for everyone. A creative element at an event ensures customer experiences with a wow factor!,” says Xan Lazaridis of FaceART.

David Rankine at booth people watching him doing henna on handsDo you remember losing all track of time when you were a kid, colouring, drawing or making something? Art creation is engaging, non-competitive and relaxing for people of all ages and ilks. If your employees seem to be losing steam and energy, a creative event can help bond the group within the act of creating together. Celtic artist and Mandela facilitator David Rankine asks us to “recall that proud feeling of being creative? That place of pure immersion in the act of creating.” David says, “when someone is creating and creative, they are fully able to respect the same act in others … it may take the form of dance or painting, conversation or playing music.” (Excerpt from his article in Superior Star- Hindi and English language monthly- 2007/2008) See David’s work here – DavidRankineArt.com

There are a number of ways to bring art and the creation process into a business or corporate event, the trick is understanding which direction to take. Here are 3 questions to ask when planning your event.

Who is this event for?

Is this business function for your staff, customers or for potential clients? The type of creative service you hire will depend on who it is you need to serve at your event.

What does this event need to accomplish?

If your staff needs a boost, consider hiring an experienced Artist or Art Facilitator to run creative team building exercises like David Rankine’s Mandella Workshops or seek an artist who organizes group Paint Outs. If your function is aimed at presentations or group discussions, hire a Graphic Recorder to illustrate the group’s comments for increased interaction. If you want to invite loyal customers, hire a Caricature Artist to draw their pictures, giving them something special as a one-of-a-kind keepsake to take home.

How do you want people to feel after the event is over?

This one should be simple. You want everyone to feel “Good”! After a team building exercise, you may want them to feel empowered, emboldened or at least excited about getting back to work on Monday. You want your customers, who are unable to take their eyes off their Caricature ,to feel happy and to think that your company is generous and fun. You want all of your attendees to be glad for being part of the experience you created for them.

Hire an artist for your next corporate event and you’ll be sure to go down in your company history as the one who created a fun, interesting and unforgettable day.

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Article written and published for the Social Media Marketing certification course, Northwestern University

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