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Portrait & Caricature Art by Linda Laforge

Barrie | Ontario | Canada Copyright © 2016 Linda Laforge

Video of a Storm at an Outdoor Festival



This was during a very scary moment at the Goderich Celtic Spirit Fest in 2009. The rain was as thunderous as the thunder itself, though it’s hard to tell from this wee video. We moved much of my prints into our tent to protect it and battened down the hatches of the display tent, which contained my original oil paintings. Fortunately, it was the beginning of a fabulous day, though it did take the better part of it to dry out.

And yes, it started out a bad hair day too! We were soaked protecting my work.

Since then we’ve experienced the odd wind storm, humongous downpours and tremendous heat, but have predominantly enjoyed beautiful days meeting interesting art and music lovers.

The Perils of Outdoor Art Shows

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