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Module 1 – One Point Perspective

One Point Perspective, step by step

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To see printed instructions on drawing one point perspective, download your Module 1 PDF from the link below.

How to draw one point perspective, with examples from real life.

Taking a look at perspective as it presents itself to you. We explore both the basic elements of perspective drawing, along with seeking shapes to help you draw.

Can’t wait to see your sketches!

Artists to Look For

Artist Laurie Lipton‘s large drawings have been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA. When travelling Europe as a student, she began developing her own drawing technique, building up tone with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines like an egg tempera painting. “It’s an insane way to draw”, she says, “but the resulting detail and luminosity is worth the amount of effort. My drawings take longer to create than a painting of equal size and detail.”
Her work contains social satire and dark themes.

Check her work out:


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